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Vegan Spring Vegetable Fritters

Vegan Spring Vegetable Fritters

Looking for a delicious recipe to use up those garden veggies? Need something for Easter Brunch? I got you! This recipe is versatile, easy to make, and suitable for those following an egg-free or vegan diet. The tofu gives you a nice protein boost, and they’re baked so less oil used. They’re also a sneaky way of getting extra hidden vegetables into the kids - what’s not to love?
DIY Cedar Raised Garden Bed

DIY Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Not a carpenter? Not a problem. I'll walk you through building these beautiful raised garden beds, this step by step.
Hydroponics Made Easy

Hydroponics Made Easy

We love digging in the dirt, but in our climate, that gets tricky for certain crops at various times of the year. Having a hydroponic system indoors allows us to have fresh herbs in the middle of a snowstorm and delicate greens during a heat wave.