Deer Repellent Yard and Garden Starter Kit

Deer Repellent Yard and Garden Starter Kit

Brand: Messina Wildlife


  • Perimeter deer deterrent system
  • Protect entire blocks of land for a fraction of the cost of broadcast sprays
  • Patented system features our organic deer repellent
  • Great for food plots and gardens
  • Re-usable for years

Publisher: Messina Wildlife

Warranty: 100-Percent satisfaction guarantee

Details: The patented PLOTSAVER deer barrier system is a revolutionary tool for protecting food plots, crops, orchards, reforestation areas, nursery stock and all other growing areas. PLOTSAVER features a reusable barrier ribbon treated with PLOTSAVER deer repellent to create a powerful physical and sensory barrier that axis, elk, moose and other deer will not cross. String the PLOTSAVER barrier ribbon 30-inch high around plot perimeter of any shape on stakes 30-foot apart. Reapply PLOTSAVER deer repellent approximately every 30-day until the plot is developed and you want the deer in the area. PLOTSAVER is easily removed and reusable from year to year.

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