Our Why

malnourished child with feeding tube

In 2012, our 3 year old son spent a week admitted to Children's National Medical Center. The diagnosis: severe malnutrition. 

We thought we were healthy eaters. We thought we were doing everything right. But he kept catching one virus after another that fateful winter and by the time spring rolled around, he was very underweight. His feeding tube was our wake up call.

Since then, we have been on a journey to provide our family with the best nutrition possible. Did you know that we are actually supposed to be eating 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day?! Once we started doing this, the health of our entire family turned around. All those viruses? We kicked them to the curb.

Sick days are expensive. So is organic produce that's been shipped hundreds of miles. How could we find the balance?

By growing our own.

Six years into this journey, we have learned so much about plants as food and medicine. And we believe that everyone should have access to the knowledge and tools necessary to grow their own. You can do it. We are here to help you.

Health is the foremost possession.

-The Buddha

Not sure where to start? A small indoor hydroponic garden can be grown anytime, anywhere.