Patio Food Production

Patio vegetable garden

You don't need much space to grow many of the veggies you need! A small patio, a sidewalk, or a little balcony will provide plenty of room. We like to use grow bags or better yet, a Tower Garden, in situations like these. 

Grow bags are great because they are inexpensive, lightweight, easy to move around, and can be flattened to store during in the winter.  Just fill them up with some raised bed soil from your local home and garden store and you're ready to grow.

The Tower Garden allows you to utilize vertical space to grow even more, and you won't have to deal with soil. You can learn more about this aeroponic system here

You can add also some eye-catching interest with elevated planters, like the ones below. Choose several of varying heights for curb appeal and functionality. 

Elevated patio planter garden bedElevated patio planter garden bed

Another one of our favorite ideas is to create a vertical garden. These planters allow you to create a wall of beautiful plants that accent your porch, patio, or the side of a building. They're great for a vertical herb, strawberry, and flower garden!

Vertical pouch planterVertical garden

However you chose to grow, just remember that space doesn't have to be a limiting factor!