Nature's Care Incredible Expanding Potting Soil (0.67 CF)

Nature's Care Incredible Expanding Potting Soil (0.67 CF)

Want to skip a trip to your home and garden center? Order soil for your patio garden right here! 

Brand: Nature's Care


  • Fantastic substitute for garden soil or potting mix, which means containers and in-ground gardens will find this soil bewitching.
  • Soil triples in size (up to 3X expansion) when you add water! Saying "abracadabra" is optional.
  • Grows up to 3X bigger plants than native soil. Native soil doesn't stand a chance.
  • Holds up to 33% more water (than basic potting soil) and improves native soil by adding up to 90% more air for plant's roots.
  • Lightweight soil means lightweight packaging, which can be delivered directly to your home.

Details: Suppose we told you that we had a planting mix that would expand to three times its volume when you added water so you'd only need a little to do a lot. And it would feed your plants for up to two months. AND it was made from 100% renewable resources. You'd say that was incredible, right? Well, that's what we thought too. Nature's Care Organic Incredible Expanding Planting Mix comes in a lightweight bag to make your gardening experiences a little more magical.

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